Conservatory Blinds

There are lots of reasons that people buy blinds for their Conservatories, ususally for increased privacy or to regulate the tepmerature of the room using performance fabrics. Whatever your reason, Hannan Blinds are Conservatory Blinds Specialists, we've been making and installing Conservatory Blinds for over 45 years, so speak to us today about your options.

Why Choose Hannans for Conservatory Blinds?

Ask about our specially backed performance fabrics. They help to keep your conservatory cool in summer - by reflecting heat away - and warm in winter - by holding the heat inside. Works even better with Perfect Fit® Blinds.

All of our sales and fitting team are fully trained and experienced enough to give you the perfect look for your conservatory. We have been surveying Conservatories for over 45 years and we have a wealth of experience when it comes to Conservatory Blinds.
Hannan Blinds are one of the leading manufacturers or Perfect Fit Blinds, so we won't be beaten on price! They are perfect for conservatories, fitting snuggly to the window frame. No need to drill holes, no unsightly and possibly dangerous control chain and also frees up your windowsill. Proximity to the window also helps save energy. Read more about Perfect Fit Blinds.
All of our Conservatory Blinds are covered by our no quibble 5 Year Guarantee. Should any of your blinds stop working or become defective, we will repair them if poosible or replace them with new blinds if they are beyond repair. Peace of mind as standard.

Made to Measure Conservatory Blinds Range

Conservatory Roof Blinds

Conservatory Roof Blinds
Most of your conservatory heat loss in the winter is through the roof, and in the summer, the roof allows too much unwanted heat to fill the room. Pleated Roof blinds are the perfect addition to your conservatory roof, as they can be shaped to fit almost any skylight window, giving you climate control and also providing welcome savings on your energy bills.

Conservatory Blinds for the Sides

Conservatory Blinds for the Sides
Whilst any blinds are suitable for most conservatories, some come with more benefits than others. Book an appointment with our advisors to learn more about the different benefits that come from our blinds range. Choose from special performance fabrics which can reduce energy bills, prevent unwanted glare and look great all at the same time.


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