Blind Cord Safety

Buying New Blinds

We manufacture an extensive range of products that are safe by design, meaning that they do not use operating cords or chains or have concealed or tensioned cords. We strongly recommend that these products are always considered first when you are buying new blinds for homes or public buildings.

If you're buying new blinds from us, we will always suggest cordless blinds*.

Make it Simple, Make it Safe.

If you require blinds that have operating cords or chains please note the new regulations will mean cord and chain lengths are determined by the European standard, and where a safety device is needed we will have to install the device, by law.

safe by design blinds

Make Your Existing Blinds Safe

Hannan Blinds also provide a range of safety devices, which have been tested to the new mandatory standards and can help to make existing blinds safer. There are options for every style of blind so you do not have to wait until you change your blind to make it safer. Please contact us to make your blinds child safe.

If you would like to get a Child Safe Blind device, call us today on 01772 719 834, visit our showrrom or email us through the website.

Cord Cleat & Cord Tidy

Available for any blind type with free hanging cords, the cleat is a simple yet effective way of making blinds safe. It is attached to a nearby wall, within reach of the blind's cord. Then when the cord is not in use, the cord is wrapped around the cleat, keeping it out of the reach of little hands.

The cord tidy works in a similar manner to the cleat. However, the cords or chains are permanently held between the device's walls so that they never dangle freely. The blind's general operation is unhindered by this device as it allows the cord to run through it freely.

General Safety Advice

  • If fitting blinds yourself, please make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully and make sure any safety devices supplied are correctly installed.
  • Do not place your child’s cot, bed, highchair or playpen near to a window blind.
  • Make sure all cords and chains are always secured out of reach of babies and young children.
  • Do not tie cords or chains together. Make sure cords or chains do not twist and create a loop.
  • Do not put other furniture near to a window blind as children love to climb.

Other Useful resources about Child Safety, Child Safe Blinds and the Make it Safe Campaign.


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